Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Left Flails Back

Since I've taken a swipe at Power Line for a horrible, misleading ad the conservative blog has been running for Iraqi Dinars (and got swiped back, too), it's only fair that some liberal blogs get their comeuppance.

In general, with the exception of Power Line and Captain's Quarters, the top 10 blogs in the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem are all pretty innocuous as far as ads are concerned. A few Netflix here, a couple hybrid cars there. Plenty of ideological books of dubious worth, but nothing to get too worked up about.

Then I went and checked out number 11, Eschaton, a very popular left-leaning blog. What I saw wasn't so much outrageous as it was thoroughly depressing. One of their main "classified" ads on the right sidebar pretty much sums up why the Democrats, regardless of how inept their Republican opponents might be, could be in serious trouble come November. How do they whip up liberals into a frenzy of open-pocketed idealism? By telling them that it's Al Freakin Franken's birthday and, oh, wouldn't you like to give to a grassroots organization as well. God help us (and if you ask Ann Coulter, he's not going to be much help at all).

Click on the link and you're taken to Franken's Midwest Values PAC, where you're invited to "celebrate Al’s birthday by supporting the progressive values we all share." We're being asked to put our support not behind actual candidates, but behind an increasingly humorless humorist who works for an increasingly invisible liberal radio network. That'll get us real far.

No cheers for Midwest Values PAC, which seems deeply immersed in the stench of its own bathwater, and jeers for Eschaton, which must think we're all a bunch of damned monkeys. And for Al Franken—oh, what's the point?

Disclaimer: People are responsible for the ads they have on their websites. Particularly the "featured" ones that the site owner has right of refusal over. I don't care if they have to make money, dammit.
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