Thursday, May 25, 2006

Madonna and the Wrath of Jesus

Madonna has gone on the record defending her mock crucifixion, which is part of the stage show on her new world tour. "I don't think Jesus would be mad at me," the diva said.

And she's probably right about that. Jesus (as a Christian and a Jew) would be much too angry about her introducing so many people to her quasi-spiritual brand of Kabbalah to worry about her imitation of a high school art project.

On a Related Note: Christian officials in the ever-so-tolerant "West", where blasphemy is a-ok, are less than pleased with Madonna's antics. The Church of England released a statement condemning her for promoting herself "by offending so many people".

A spokesman for the Evangelical Alliance, a British religious organization that claims to speak for 1.2 million Christians, accused Madge of "blatant insensitivity" and called her use of imagery "an abuse" and "dangerous". He called for her to drop the act from her show and called on people to "find their own means of expressing their disapproval".

It turns out—surprise, surprise—that blasphemy against Islam is what's ok. Muslims who get upset over a few cartoons are anti-enlightenment troglodytes. Christians who get upset over a pop concert, however, are just defending their faith. Yay.
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