Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Material Girl Pisses Off Spiritual Boys

There's a great unintentionally funny headline on Drudge Report right now: CHURCH SLAMS POP STAR ON THE CROSS... Wow! You would think what with the significance of crucifixion to Christianity, the church wouldn't actually engage in the practice themselves. No word on whether they actually went as far as to nail the pop star up there (a turn of phrase that could result in its own hilarious misunderstanding).

The story actually refers to Madonna, who opens one song on her new tour attached to a giant, disco-ball-esque mirrored cross (I originally typed that last word as "crass"—how appropriate). She's classy, yet deep. Maybe all that Kabbalah water she's been drinking has really opened her mind to subtlety in her use of images. Color the boys over at the Vatican unimpressed.

I say, forget about this blasphemy nonsense. The real outrage is that tickets for Madonna's I'm Old But I'm Still Gonna Wear This Leotard World Tour go for as much as $350. I wasn't surprised to learn that the opening night audience included "Kabbalah guru Rabbi Yehuda Berg, socialite Nicole Richie, and gay icon Rosie O'Donnell." Who else can afford to go?
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