Thursday, May 25, 2006

Paper Sorry for Running Taheri Scoop

The National Post has now apologized for running the story on Iran's plans to force Jews and other non-Muslims to wear Holocaust-style badges displaying their religious affiliation.

The AP obtained a copy of the bill in question and confirmed that it had no such stipulations (the law was aimed at discouraging women from wearing Western clothing). Iranian expatriate Amir Taheri, the source of the original story, says he was misquoted by the NP and claims that religious identity badges have been under discussion for some years in Iran. The NP admitted what was obvious to any discerning reader upon the first reading: "we did not exercise sufficient caution and skepticism, and we did not check with enough sources."

Sounds like a good blog, actually.

This episode serves several useful purposes. First, it reminds one that there's a tremendous distance between the "capability" of doing a horrible thing and actually doing it. Second, and this always bears repeating, the Nazis set the bar for evil really, really high. You can be less evil than the Nazis and still be pretty damned awful.
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