Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sexing Up the Muslim Street

Andrew Sullivan helps to ruin workplace productivity by pointing to a new online service called Google Trends, which lets you see what people are searching for on the Internet and where the searches originate.

As Sullivan points out, a Google Trends search for "sex" yields some mighty revealing (so to speak) results. Here's a regional breakdown of the people Googling "sex":

It should come as no surprise to anyone whose ever been to the Bible-belt, the natural habitat of strip clubs and drive-through liquor stores, that there is a strong correlation between religious fundamentalism and illicit debauchery. Seven of the top ten countries listed are majority-Muslim nations. Eight, if you count India, which has a sizeable Muslim population. Poland, one of the most pious countries in Europe, also makes the list and Viet Nam is just there to remind us that nothing's black and white in the world of statistics.

Anyway, worlds of fun can be had with Google Trends. Did you know that an inordinate number of searches for Britney Spears come from Spanish-speaking countries? Now you do. I'm happy to report that the United States easily captures the top spot for the ever-increasing queries for "more cowbell". That proves we're a superior nation.
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