Friday, May 19, 2006

Sunny D-struction

Sunny D, the artist formerly known as Sunny Delight, had a bit of a mishap in Somerset, England. 8,000 liters (I think that's something like 10,000,000 gallons, but don't trust me—Americans don't do metric) of "sub-standard" concentrate was accidentally spilled into a river, turning it bright yellow and killing dozens of fish.

Progress is always being made in the scientific fields. Today, they learned that great taste, Vitamin B1 and a full day's supply of Vitamin C isn't so good for our aquatic friends. Let's just be glad it wasn't Sunny D's Intense Sport Cool Punch. The blood-red river would certainly have sparked some interest among apocalyptic types, and the added electrolytes would probably have set the river on fire.

This probably won't help sales much, either. What mother wants to send her kids to school with a proven fish-killer in their lunchboxes? Apart from Andrea Yates, that is.
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