Friday, May 12, 2006

Vacancy at the Hilton

The girl who puts the "ho" in "hotelier" is back at it again, this time putting her foot (for a change) in her mouth at a video game convention.

What was she doing rubbing her bony elbows with a bunch of game geeks? She was, ostensibly, promoting her new video game, which has the atrocious name "Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam." Perhaps that's why she walked onto the stage and thanked the oily, bespectacled masses for coming out to hail the release of "Diamondquest."

I like to imagine that the bubbly heir-head's slip of the tongue actually points to a nerdy childhood spent in front of the Tandy playing "King's Quest", but that might be stretching credulity a bit.

And just to show that she's not one to shy away from the instruments of her shame, the game was designed to be played on a cell phone. Maybe the super-deluxe version will include a few of her best friends' phone numbers.
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