Thursday, June 15, 2006

Destroying America to Save It

Quick! Put it out with the Constitution!

Why is it that whenever the Republican Party wants to "protect" America they break out the scissors and head straight for the Constitution? First it was the vital mission of denying equal rights to gay people. Now it's flag burning. Again.

Flag burners are obnoxious attention-seekers, to be sure. They may be offensive to some people, but they're not dangerous (unless you stand too close, that is). It's certainly not worth debasing the U.S. Constitution to get rid of them.

As with the failed anti-gay amendment, this flag burning measure is not intended to pass. It's there to give the Republicans a boost in the polls. More specifically, these measures are introduced so that Democrats will be on record voting against them. The fact that the so-called champions of American values would be willing to endanger the Constitution—and the freedoms it guarantees—for so much political vaudeville speaks to their desperation—and their moral bankruptcy, too.
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