Friday, June 09, 2006

Europe in the Grips of Islam

There's a fascinating post over at Random Platitudes that's well worth a moment of your time.

Having a little fun with genealogy, RP looks into the lineage of one Alfonso VI, an 11th Century monarch who was the first to claim the title "king of Spain", and one of his wives, Isabella, who (most likely) bore his only son, Sancho. RP claims (perhaps accurately) that "an index of the descendants of Alfonso VI and Isabella would be a complete listing of every single European royal family, most of the nobility, and many of the prominent families of the élites of other nations (including the United States of America...)" (original emphasis). For example, Isabella is the Great23 Grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II, and the Great24 Grandmother of the unfortunate Princess Diana.

So what? Here's what:
Well, Isabella wasn't born with that name. Actually, her name used to be Zaida. Nor was she a Christian, until she was forcibly converted to Catholicism. She was, in fact, the daughter of the deposed Emir of Sevilla, Abul-Kasim Muhammad ben Abbad al-Mu'tamid...
But wait, there's more:
...the Emir of Sevilla wasn't just a nobody. In fact, he came from a pretty prominent lineage. More precisely, 16 generations before he came along, one of his ancestors had founded a new world religion. That's right, Abul-Kasim Muhammad ben Abbad al-Mu'tamid was a lineal descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. In other words, so is every single royal family in Europe (original emphasis).
Holy caliphate, batman! Forget Kevin Bacon, this is Six Degrees of Separation taken to an entirely new level. (A little more evidence here.)

It's worth remembering the next time people start inveighing against Muslims in European society. Apparently, without Muslims, there wouldn't be European society. Not the way we know it, at least. (Maybe.)
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