Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Fog of Punditry

Glenn Reynolds quotes an amazing bit of moral relativism from one Peter Ingemi over on Instapundit:
Our press and the anti-American left both in this country and outside of it has been reporting "Hadithas" over and over again over the last three years.

Time and time again our friends have accused us of every possible atrocity that there is to the point that internationally people are already able to believe this or the 9/11 stuff or all the rest.

Because of this, internationally it is totally irrelevant if the Marines actually violated the rules of war. Our foes are going to say that we've done things if we do them or not, so the only people that it really matters to will be; the people killed (and family) and the people in our own country who support the military.
In other words, it doesn't matter whether the Haditha massacre actually happened so long as people think it did. I am reminded of the argument Arthur Koestler gave to the Soviets in Darkness at Noon whereby Rubashov was "objectively" guilty of treason—even if he wasn't literally guilty of anything.

His ignorant, bogus rant assumes that there are only two sorts of people: Americans who support the military and leftists who believe any rumor they hear about atrocities in Iraq. If the Haditha massacre really did happen, it matters to a whole hell of a lot more people than Ingemi says it does. It matters to every American who pays taxes to fund the U.S. military; it matters to anyone who believes in justice; it matters to anyone who cares how the United States is perceived here and abroad; it matters to anyone who values the truth; it matters to everyone who believes that the United States should live up to its own high ideals.

I can't believe Reynolds gave a platform to this patently offensive nonsense.
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