Thursday, June 08, 2006

Karma for Zarqawi

It's a strange and welcome change that the people dancing in the streets with guns in Iraq are on our side for once. The U.S. military finally succeeded in killing al-Zarqawi, which should have an effect on the insurgency. Just how much, nobody knows.

If the insurgency is really on its last legs, as Dick Cheney said a year ago, this should cut them off at the knees. If killings and attacks continue unabated, however, expect a backlash (more so) against Bush, who no longer has Zarqawi to use as an excuse for all the violence. Funny there should be so many double-edged swords in the Middle East.

That said, Zarqawi dying in a huge explosion is the ultimate poetic justice, considering how many people he's dispatched that way.
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