Thursday, June 01, 2006

Keep Hurricanes South of the Border

Today is the first day of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season and all is clear—for now. But experts—and Pat Robertson—are predicting an above-average storm season for this year.

This augurs poorly for local, state and federal officials charged with storm preparedness and public safety. Thanks to Hurricane Katrina, public confidence in these agencies is at an all-time low. Thanks to massive incompetence at all levels of government, their level of readiness is, too. But I have a solution.

There's no need for America to be threatened by killer hurricanes sneaking up on us from the south. All we need to do is give the storms Hispanic names. If Hurricane José, Ramón or Rosalita was threatening to cross into America, the National Guard and the Minutemen would be there in a snap building walls and doing whatever they could to protect sacred American soil. Republicans in Congress would stand up and pontificate on the evils of hurricanes and pledge to keep the invaders at bay.

Maybe throw a Hurricane Muhammad in there, too. It couldn't hurt.
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