Monday, June 05, 2006

The Republican Cliché

When the chips are down—when backs are against the wall—that's when you can get a glimpse of the mettle people are really made of. Facing a power hemorrhage in the 2006 midterm elections, President Bush and the Republicans are pulling out all the stops, going the extra mile and giving 110% to "energize" their base.

And just how do they hope to do that? With a double-edged sword of bigotry that may just prove to be a Sword of Damocles in the end. As if throwing red meat to a pack of jackals, the Republican leadership has decided to play off of the hatred their base has for gays and foreigners. (If it ain't true, then why are they humming this tune?)

The right-wing "batten down the hatches because here come the Mexicans and your town will never be the same" forces have been in full swing for some time now, exploiting a mixture of racial hatred and economic fear to get people to vote GOP in November. Now the "batten down the hatches because here come the fags and your son will never be the same" forces are in attack mode as the Republican majority pursues a Constitutional amendment they know will never pass just to score easy political points with the bigots in their midst.

Only one question remains: will people see the Republicans' biennial two-minutes hate as the grotesque cliché that it is? Will the GOP base rise to this tried and true appeal to their prejudices?

Only time will tell. Perhaps the GOP will ride a groundswell of intolerance and hatred to the polls in November. Or, maybe the Republican base will resent being treated like performing monkeys. If that's the case, then, to quote George Orwell quoting some political hack, the fascist octopus has sung its swan song.

Either way, this electoral desperation has opened up a window on the Republican soul and it's as black as night, or coal, or ink...
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