Sunday, July 23, 2006

Down With Ameren

Well, this is day 5 with no power. There are still some 300,000+ households without electricity in the St. Louis area. I'm one of 'em. Oh, the humanity!

In brief:
  • Bah to Bush for vetoing the stem cell measure and proving that while evangelicals like him love fetuses and embryos, they hate honest to goodness people
  • A belated tip of the golden dunce cap to Homeland Security for finding twice as many potential terror targets in Indiana as they found in California. One's a red state and one's a blue. Can you guess which is which?
  • Why can't Israel play nice with the rocket-lobbing terrorists in the Middle East? Jeesh.
  • I'd like some power, please.
More when (or if...) I get plugged back in.
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