Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Drudge Wants Us All to Die

One of the headlines on the Drudge Report right now is the following: "Wal-Mart discusses global warming steps..." The emphasis is in Drudge's original. It links to a benign story of the same title—but without the italics—about how massive retailers like Wal-Mart are starting to think about the environmental impact they have.

Global warming is much less of a problem in the 1930s, where I live

The world's biggest retailer was responsible for the emission of 20.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide last year, and that doesn't include production and shipping numbers, which are thought to be around ten times that. They believe there are steps they can take to reduce those numbers.

Put this story in Drudge's hands and all he can do is ridicule it. Global warming? Are they kidding? What a f**king crock! (I extrapolate.) My question to Drudge—apart from "why the fedora?"—is, what's the big deal? Wal-Mart wants to conserve energy. Would you prefer that they didn't give a crap? Is your animus against global warming so strong that you'll willingly advocate the consumption of more energy and the production of more CO2 just to stick it to Al Gore? Do you also club baby seals in front of children for fun? Just asking.
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