Monday, July 10, 2006

The Logical Extreme

Ralph Peters has a scary column in the New York Post that argues the U.S. military can solve its prisoner detention problems by simply executing insurgents (and "suspected" insurgents, too, Ralph?) on the spot. Puff, in a spray of blood and gray matter all of our problems are solved.

Power Line heartily agrees, praising Peters for saying "out loud what many have been thinking about 'our prisoner problem...'" Note the disgusting scare quotes around "our prisoner problem." Yep, that'll make the issue disappear.

Hinderaker thinks that this policy would obviate another Abu Ghraib, blissfully unaware (or more likely, savagely aware) that the majority of prisoners at that prison were innocent victims of overzealous sweeps for insurgents (as many Gitmo tenants have proved to be, as well). A dead man can't plead his case, and that's just the way these guys want it, apparently.

It's nice to see a few great minds struggling for the American way.
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