Monday, July 17, 2006

Testing, Testing One-Two

That mic is live, Mr. President.

A microphone left on at the G8 conference caught an unscripted conversation between President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Hands off the Armani, Tony.

What can we learn from this accidental eavesdropping? Well, for one, this is how the President greets Blair: "Yo Blair! How are you doing?" Totally, dude. We also find out that Blair is a bit of a stutterer when talking to big G.W., and that he refers to some unidentified G8 matter as a "trade thingy". Perhaps he was just trying to keep things on the President's level.

The high point of the brief part of the conversation that was caught on tape (a portion of which includes Bush praising Blair's gift-giving acumen, although it's impossible to tell from the video whether that compliment made his tail wag or not) is certainly this succinct oversimplification of world events from the World's Most Powerful ManTM: "You see, the ... thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it's over."

Blunt, but not altogether wrong, either. I wonder if the right-wing Parents Television Council will complain to the FCC about Bush's potty mouth. My guess is: no.

We can just be thankful that Bush didn't pull a Reagan and make some crack about impending thermonuclear doom—and that he didn't instruct Blair to walk his dog.
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