Thursday, August 24, 2006

South Park Wins!

We know that 'auditing' and 'e-meters' can cure postpartum depression. The new question for 'Scientologists' is: can they cure schadenfreude?

Proof that there may well be a god—and it's definitely not L. Ron Hubbard—came down the other day when Paramount announced that Tom Cruise had jumped on one too many couches and his 'acting' services would no longer be required. Praise Xenu!

On the same day, Paramount inked a two-picture deal with Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame, who recently fought a battle with Paramount parent corporation Viacom over an episode of the show that cut Mr. Cruise and his 'religion' down to size (more so). Score one for the good guys.

For the record, an egomaniacal nutjob pain in the ass blowhard/shill for a powerful religious cult/corrupter of Dawson's Creek heroine feels the wrath of the Hollywood power elite. Meanwhile, Mel "The F**king Jews are Responsible for All the Wars in the World" Gibson feels the wrath of Rob Schneider. Go figure.
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