Monday, October 02, 2006

Decline of Western Civilization Watch

An award-winning art teacher in Frisco, Texas with 28 years of teaching experience has been fired after taking her class on a pre-approved trip to the Dallas Museum of Art.

Why? One parent complained after their kid said they had seen "nude art" in the museum. I know, the horror!

And here I was trying not to believe all the stereotypes about Texas when this troglodyte comes along and screws everything up.

At any rate, if these parents want to keep their kid good and pure, they're going to have to work at it pretty hard, since "offensive" nude art is everywhere, like, for instance, in the Justice Department headquarters in D.C. It's somehow fitting that the Spirit of Justice would be anathema to this fine upstanding family.

In the meantime, our poor art teacher needs to pull up stakes and try to find a new job where attitudes are a little less parochial. May I suggest she not start her search in Kansas.

Update: Here's another take on a kid- and Christian-friendly Venus de Milo.
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