Sunday, October 01, 2006

Habeas Corpus, We Hardly Knew Ye

The laws that protect us, citizen and immigrant alike, are gone. What we're being asked to do now is to just trust that the government won't abuse their dark new powers. Not just now, but forever, until the law is changed. Not just this President, but every future president, too.

Do we trust the government to do this? Should we? The fact that a majority of so-called conservatives have no problem with the spectacular consolidation of power in the executive branch is proof that it is, as an ideology, utterly bankrupt.

Conservatives, after all, have a long history of suspicion of government power and have always—until recently, that is—favored a smaller and less intrusive federal government. The new 'conservatism', to be blunt, is little more than thuggery and Christian bigotry. That's what the Bush administration has done and that's what his supporters now support. For those liberals who support the "compromise" bill, or who let it pass without a fight, there are simply no words at all.

There's no question that Bush will go down in the liberal imagination as one of the worst presidents ever—the president who brought us the Iraq morass and precipitously lowered our once-proud standing in the world.

It is now becoming clear that he will—one day and soon enough—go down in the right-wing imagination as the president who destroyed conservatism. America is a much worse off place for it.
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