Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Humble Pie for Red State Bloggers

A lot of right-wing bloggers got eaten alive yesterday by the breaking news bug. Horrible, intolerant Muslims hijacked a plane to protest the Pope's upcoming visit to Turkey. The only problem? The initial reports were all ass-backwards.

For a while yesterday afternoon, Drudge used the headline "Motive: Pope Protest..." to link the following CNN story. And I quote:
Earlier reports on Tuesday that two hijackers were protesting Pope Benedict XVI's planned visit to Turkey were apparently incorrect; authorities now say that the single hijacker has requested political asylum.... Turkish officials said the hijacker, identified as Hasan Ekinci, wrote a letter to the pope in August asking for help in avoiding service in the Turkish army. "I am a Christian and don't want to serve a Muslim army," he wrote, adding that he had been attending church since 1998.

Little Green Footballs jumped the gun, too. In their original post, titled "Turks Hijack Plane to 'Send Message' to Pope", the writer claims to have "completely run out of 'irony' quips."

I, for one, found it not a little bit ironic that LGF just threw their hands up in disgust at yet another group of Islamofascists doing what those Islamofascists do—until they found out that he was actually a Christian (you know, the real religion of peace), making the hijacking sound downright reasonable in their update. He was, after all, only trying to "avoid serving as a Christian in Turkey's Muslim army."

For the record, Turkey's army is made up of Muslims (since the vast majority of Turks are Muslims), but it's about as far as one could get from a "Muslim army". This is no Hezbollah we're talking about. The Turkish army is seen, especially by themselves, as a bulwark against extremism and instability. They are nation's most prominent champions of secularism and Ataturkism, and they play an official (if sometimes contentions) role in the government.

Still, full points to Drudge, LGF, Michelle Malkin et. al. for eventually getting the story right. Not everybody got around to it, it seems. In an as-yet-uncorrected post called "Hijacking In The Name Of Peace", the Greetings from the French Hill blog wrote the following:
Apparently, these terrorists are claiming that they have hijacked the plane in order "to send a message" to the Pope. I guess the message would be, "Bow down to Islam OR ELSE we'll kill all these innocent people". Yeah, that, or "Islam is a peaceful religion. If you don't agree with us, we'll... kill all these innocent people." Yeah, makes perfect sense to me...
Apparently not.
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