Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Take That, Punditocracy!

This is, as Instapundit Glenn Reynolds put it, the "definitive Iraq war op-ed". Such brilliance should really be funded by the government.
So how did Iraq end up it's current state? This is quite directly attributable to the success or failure of the Bush Administration... unless of course things happened that were completely out of their hands. The consensus of opinion, though, is that the blame lies somewhere unless it was no one's fault.... Obviously, Rumsfeld underestimated the number of troops needed unless he got the number right or possibly sent too many. This caused the Iraq War to be a front or distraction to the War on Terror, which we all agree is an important fight or a blunder that never should have been started. According to those in the know, and those not in the know, and those who don't know what they know, this should all have some or no effect on the future.
Unfortunately, the government is too busy funding the horrible mistake and/or valiant effort of the Iraq war. Alas.
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