Wednesday, October 25, 2006

There Is No There There

Republicans are working overtime to prove that they're being realistic about the war in Iraq. President Bush has given up on the "stay the course" rhetoric in favor of an "Iraq is very difficult but we still can win as long as you don't vote for Democrats" angle. Dick Cheney even disavowed his "the insurgency is in its last throes" nonsense in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary. Everywhere you look there's a Republican "getting real" about Iraq.

It disgusts me.

It's not that I'm against having a realistic outlook of the war. It's just the naked hypocrisy and opportunism that brings me down. The Republicans often chastised the Clinton administration for basing its decisions on polls (and rightfully so). The GOP is doing the exact same thing now, only it's much, much worse because the stakes are so much higher.

It's no accident that all this talk about changing course in Iraq comes a few weeks before elections in which polls suggest the Republican majority is going to get swept out of one if not both houses of Congress. It's good that some attention is finally being paid to a strategic and tactical disaster the scope of which has been obvious for months and months.

The fact that Bush and his party are only speaking up now, however, proves what many people have been saying for years: power is the only thing that matters to the Republican party, and the only thing that could prompt them to admit mistakes and take steps to correct them is the prospect of losing that power.

It is this very moral and intellectual vacancy that proves they are unfit to hold the power that they guard so desperately.
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