Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bemoaning the Liberal Faux-Media

'Rusty Shackleford' of the Jawa Report blog wrote a column for Townhall last Friday in which he declares the Democrats' true secret weapon in their midterm election smackdown: Jon Stewart.

How so? Because he played the same role Rush Limbaugh did for conservatives in the early 1990s. Here's Rusty waxing nostalgic:
Remember the "Rush room"? In the back of restaurants we gathered to listen to talk radio in a safe atmosphere away from the politically correct ears of our social betters.

Rush emboldened us. He made us feel like we weren't alone.
Sounds grand. Such frisson isn't allowed for liberals however, because, well, they're wrong. And evil. And Jon Stewart is their master.

Democratic voters are all morons brainwashed by this bad, bad man.

Why did the Republicans go down in flames on November 7? Sure, sure, there was that little war in Iraq thing and the massive corruption and the race-baiting campaigns and did I mention the war in Iraq? Take it away, Shackleford:
But one phenomenon has been overlooked. One which I believe was a key if not the key to a Democratic victory. That is the phenomenon of faux news. And Jon Stewart is its banner bearer.
True. American voters had nothing to be upset about. There were no substantive issues more important than Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. None.

Keeping in mind that Rush Limbaugh is a higher being, glorious and exalted for his role in "emboldening" right-wing kooks, here's what Rusty has to say about Stewart:
While Jon Stewart may attempt to play the non-partisan comedian, he fails miserably. His viewers are all too aware of his Democratic partisanship and liberal leanings. He explicitly endorsed John Kerry in 2004 during an interview with the presidential candidate. Conservatives are lampoon [sic] for being conservative, liberals for not being liberal enough.

One of the most important ways this bias comes out on The Daily Show is the constant slander of Fox News.... It's likely that many college students did not like Fox News before they became faux news junkies. But The Daily Show gives them the confidence to voice those opinions. It empowers them.
This is not a criticism of Dan Rather or any other member of the dreaded mainstream media, mind you; this is a comedian on basic cable. Apparently he has a responsibility to journalistic integrity even though he's not a journalist! Are cast members of ER required to take the Hippocratic Oath? Is Tim Allen really Santa? Jon Stewart has one responsibility and one responsibility only: to be funny.

You'd think a guy who chose 'Rusty Shackleford' as his alias might know a thing or two about funny. You'd be wrong.
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