Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Gospel According to Johns

Ted Haggard, one of the country's most prominent evangelical ministers, resigned today amidst rumors of a three-year affair he allegedly had with a male prostitute. It should go without saying that Haggard, in his public life, despised gay people and fought vigorously in the political realm to deny them rights.

No mention of this huge, juicy sex scandal on Matt "Hey, Is That a Blue Dress?" Drudge's right-wing website yet. It's weird. This sort of thing is usually his bread and butter.

He does spare a little space for this headline, however: Letter Carrier Attacked by Squirrel.

I guess the hypocrisy doesn't end with Haggard.

Update: Drudge just redesigned his page at 8pm Eastern, but still no mention of Haggard. A non-story about Nancy Pelosi leads instead. The squirrel story remains.

Update II: Finally. But the "flash" about Nancy Pelosi laying low before the election gets top billing. Naturally.

Update III: Did Drudge forget the HTML code for red text? Is his flashing, rotating siren GIF broken? Just asking.

Update IV: In case you don't know who Haggard is, here's how Talking Points Memo describes the impact of the scandal: "...this is the conservative equivalent of Jesse Jackson getting caught wearing a hood at a Klan cross burning."

Update V: Ah, Drudge is back on his game, quickly linking to a report that Haggard's accuser failed a lie detector test administered by a radio station. Unfortunately, this comes after Haggard has already allegedly admitted that "some of the allegations" are true. That means either the gay sex or the meth snorting. Not looking good either way. The test administrator doubts the accuracy of the test, by the way.

Update VI: Oh, he just bought meth and got a totally innocent massage from a gay prostitute? That's no big deal for an evangelical superstar, right? Currently, Haggard's believability factor is higher than "Young Earth theory" but somewhat below water-into-wine.

Update VII: According to this story, meth-buying, massages-from-a-male-prostitute-getting evangelical megaminister Ted Haggard "talks to Bush or his advisers every week." So, just what have George, Dick and Karl been up to? It's just nice to know our country is in good hands.

Update VIII: Oh, when I said there was no sex what I meant was "there was sex". Lots of it. And since I baldly lied about that, how much you wanna bet I snorted up a huge pile of crystal meth, too? Not that we should bet, since gambling is a sin.
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