Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ha, Ha, Ha! Now What?

Yesterday Americans went to the polls and voted resoundingly to trade in their douchebags for assclowns. Democrats swept to an easy victory in the House and, as of this writing, hold slim leads in the two Senate races they need to win outright control of that chamber, too.

It's nice to see the Republicans fall on their faces, the bubble of their pompous "mandate" burst by their own ineptitude. The Democrats can bask in the glory of their victory for a while, but they will eventually have to answer that most difficult of questions: were they worth voting for?

Whichever way the Senate goes, one thing is guaranteed: gridlock. And that might be just what we need. President Bush's rubber stamp is on the trash heap and he should now be forced, for the first time in six years, to take his job seriously.

There may be more rancor in Washington, but there will certainly be more discussion as well. One hopes both sides will resist an easy solution to the almost hopelessly complicated question of Iraq. (Someone once told me that hope and politics don't mix.)

There are a couple of valuable lessons we can take away from this election. First, however diabolical he may seem, Karl Rove is human. And a failure.

Second, Bush and the members of his inner circle really were as irrationally confident as they seemed to be in the build-up to this election. They had no October Surprise or tricks up their sleeves. They have been living in a cotton-candy dreamworld, and the Democrats just slapped them back to reality. Maybe.

Last, and most important, the American people actually do have a conscience and they do care about politics. That's a lesson best not ignored by either party.

Update: Democrats will take control of both the House and the Senate. It's a clean sweep for the assclowns.
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