Monday, November 06, 2006

'Hanging' in the Balance

Shame on Ed Driscoll for being a literalist ninny, and double-shame on Glenn Reynolds for being daft enough to think he's right.

Let's start at the beginning. Instapundit has a mini-post about how blogger Ed Driscoll has noticed "something 'odd' in Newsweek" [scare quotes added because this is just so dumb, -ed.].

Moving over to Driscoll's site, we see that he's up in arms over a Newsweek article by Christopher Dickey that, Ed says, calls for the execution of Republican lawmakers.

He quotes Dickey as writing, "Sunday was judgment day for Saddam, who probably will hang. Tuesday will be judgment day for Republicans. What will happen to them afterward, well, we'll have to wait and see." He puts this text in bold and italics, just in case you're not paying attention. Here's Ed's 'analysis':
Is Dickey sorta...kinda...almost...but..not quite...tacitly implying that he'd like to see Republicans hanged? Because that seems to be the obvious inference in stringing those last three sentences together. I suppose that's why he—or his editor—titled it "Hanging Judgments".
Driscoll titles his post, "Is Newsweek Implying What I Think They Are?"

The answer is, "No, you moron."

Dickey is saying "Saddam's fate has been decided. What will happen to the GOP? We'll have to see." He uses the "verdict" comparison in a figurative way, obviously, since the American people are "passing judgment" on the current set of lawmakers. The Republican Party will be "sentenced" by the American people tomorrow. Is it guilty or innocent? Will it be a "death" sentence? If so, it's shockingly obviously self-evidently a figurative death sentence.

When politicians talk about "beating" their opponents, are they actually advocating physical violence? Sure, it's a mind-numbingly stupid question, but it's essentially the same one Ed just asked.

The fact that Ed Driscoll has all the linguistic savvy of a 7-year-old child is sad. The fact that Reynolds propped his idiotic post up on his back is something far worse.

If the Dems sweep the GOP out of one or both houses by a significant margin, will Glenn and Ed be out surveying mountainsides looking for that landslide? Will their eyes be trained on the seas in hopes of glimpsing that fabled "wave"?

Here's hoping they have occasion to do so.
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