Thursday, November 16, 2006

Race to the Bottom

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
—Johnny Rotten

Things will have to change now, we thought. The Republicans took a thumpin' and a new era of Bushian contrition and collegiality was upon us. The victorious Democrats were, in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's words, going to preside over the "most ethical congress in history".

Or it could just be business as usual in Washington—as usual. Hail to the douchebags and assclowns!

Yesterday, the bipartisan-minded Republicans elected Senator Trent Lott to the position of minority whip. You may remember the Mississippi Republican had to step down from his leadership position four years ago after extolling the virtues of bigot Strom Thurmond and suggesting that the U.S. would have been better off if the racist and passionate anti-civil rights crusader had won his bid for president in 1948.

You may also remember President Bush extolling the virtues of Lott's front porch, which had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and pledging to see it rebuilt even as greater New Orleans went down the crapper.

Today, Democrats are expected to elect Rep. Jack Murtha to the House majority leader position—despite his history of corruption and wallowing in pork.

Well, we did bend over so I guess we can't complain if we get screwed.

Update: Thank god! The assclowns chose Hoyer over Murtha by a vote of 149-86. That's a vote against corruption and, I'm afraid, against Pelosi, too.
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