Friday, November 17, 2006

The Sin of Omission

An Indian artist, forced into exile with an offer of $11.5 million for his murder, stands accused of blasphemy and offending religious sentiments. An art show in London closed because of protests.

Why isn't this bigger news? Because he's Muslim. And, unlike Salman Rushdie, his foes aren't fellow Muslims, but Hindus.

91-year-old M.F. Husain longs to return to his native Mumbai, but, because of a nude painting of a Hindu deity, his freedom and, indeed, his very life, are threatened.

You will find no mention of this disgrace against the human conscience in any right-wing blog devoted to similar outrages perpetrated by Muslims. Andrew Sullivan, so eloquent in his defense of the likes of Rushdie and Theo Van Gogh, so effusive in celebration of free expression, is nowhere to be found.

As the saying goes, if you only defend the free speech rights of those with whom you agree, then you don't really believe in free speech.

The silence from the anti-Muslim sector of Weblogistan is deafening—and telling.
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