Monday, December 18, 2006

Worst. Issue. Ever.

The sages at Time magazine have put their brain-packed heads together and decided that the "Person of the Year"! How unbelievably stupid is that? The "you" refers to anyone who either produces or consumes electronic media (blogs, YouTube, etc.), so I guess Donald Rumsfeld is in there somewhere, and Ahmadinejad is a blogger...

I think Time missed the boat here. Considering Michael Richards lashing out at blacks, Mel Gibson lashing out at Jews, Britney and Paris lashing out against basic human decency, Sunnis murdering Shiites, Shiites immolating Sunnis, Republicans hating Democrats, Democrats kicking the asses of Republicans, Sen. Allen dissing macacas, Palestinians resenting Israelis, Israelis suppressing Palestinians, Palestinians oppressing other Palestinians, everybody oppressing the Lebanese, "Merry Christmas" people crying out against "Happy Holidays" people, evangelical people condemning gay people, evangelical people becoming gay people, Time's choice for person of the year shouldn't have been 'you'—it should have been 'them'.
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