Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tapping to a New Tune

An unfettered NSA domestic surveillance program is so crucial to the continued survival of our nation that any kind of court oversight would be tantamount to hand-drawing Osama bin Laden a map to Dick Cheney's "secure undisclosed location" and handing him the launch codes to our nuclear arsenal to boot.

Until today, that is.

Mark Levin at NRO is aghast at Bush's decision to temper the imperious unaccountability that is—or should be—his (divine) right:
For the Bush administration to argue for years that this program, as operated, was critical to our national security and fell within the president's Constitutional authority, to then turn around and surrender presidential authority this way is disgraceful. The administration is repudiating all the arguments it has made in testimony, legal briefs, and public statements. This goes to the heart of the White House's credibility. How can it cast away such a fundamental position of principle and law like this?
Or, it could be that the White House's chicken little argument was all bluster and lies from the start. Imagine that.
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