Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fair & Balanced Watch

Yesterday, Drudge linked to a story declaring that Valentine's Day is "sinful" for Muslims—failing to include the fact that it was so decreed by some obscure imam from the Indonesian hinterland even though that detail appears in the story's headline itself.

Enter right-wing weblogistan. A number of amateur scribblers picked up on this story and used it as the latest proof of how Muslims are incapable of moderation.

Interestingly enough, neither Drudge nor his legion of wannabes made prominent use of a very similar (if slightly different) story. It was full of protesters shouting slogans like, "Death to Valentine's Day!" and, amazingly, "Down with Western culture!" Aha! Just exactly what these guys are fighting against.

So why the reticence? Oh, because these enemies of civilization were Hindus, not Muslims. They were members of the right-wing Shiv Sena political party who disapprove of public displays of affection. Such affronts to society can actually earn you a beating in the street in India. Sound familiar?

I suppose to Drudge and his minions writing about Hindus behaving like lunatics would take away from their anti-jihad mission. The truth be damned. (As it so often is in all corners of weblogistan.)

On an Unrelated Note: I was pleased to to learn that Al Franken will run for senate in 2008, if only because it means Bill O'Reilly may actually explode.
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