Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Myth of Global Warming

The myth is, of course, that global warming is a scientifically controversial idea. It's not. Remotely.

I'm not an environmental scientist, so I won't pretend to have poured over all the research or to be an expert. That doesn't mean I can't make a few observations of my own.

Global warming naysayers do not all operate the same way. Some claim there is no such thing as global warming. Others say there is, but question humankind's role in causing it. Presenting a united front is not important in this case, since the true goal is to obfuscate and sow seeds of doubt.

As long as enough people think the science is questionable, they won't demand something be done to stop global warming. And the powers that be understand this very well. That's why a group associated with Exxon/Mobil recently offered $10,000 each to scientists willing to dispute a new UN report on climate change. Why so much cash? Because they'd be paying them to lie, of course.

It's also why almost 50% of government scientists studying the climate have reported pressure from the Bush administration to "eliminate the words 'climate change,' 'global warming,' or other similar terms from a variety of communications."

Some may call this cooperation between government and business 'symmetry', but I prefer 'collusion' since it hints more at the nefarious truth behind this sickening alliance. It's a simple truth, really: power and money in the short run are more important than survival in the long run. And here's why we're screwed: the people misleading the public for their own personal gain already have way more power and money than the rest of us.

And they have stooges. They have managed to turn a scientific question into a political one by suggesting that a bias exists in the work of the vast majority of the planet's scientists focused on studying the climate. In fact, plainly, the bias is readily apparent in the funding of the tiny minority of scientists who oppose the majority. They're the ones who just happen to work for Exxon/Mobil front groups and right-wing think tanks. It's not the other way around and that's not a coincidence.

Then, an army of political toadies and pundits fill the airwaves and the broadbands with what they must, in their hear of hearts, know is utter nonsense about "so-called" global warming. The sad thing is that these puppets are just being used by fabulously wealthy people to make fabulously wealthy people more fabulously wealthy. All they get for their trouble is ten grand or a lousy gig on the Wall St. Journal editorial board.

Turning the global warming debate into a political rather than scientific question is a stroke of genius. Political positions are generally so ossified as to be impervious to things like reason and evidence. Only in political discourse could inane 'scandals' about what cars Al Gore deigns to travel in gain traction. Political discourse is also the natural home of the conspiracy theory.

Here's my prediction: these people will stand in the way of truth—of clarity—until it's too late to do anything to stop the disaster we've brought upon ourselves. And they will have done it on purpose. For money and power—the motives behind all great murders.

Yes, we're all going to die. There are things we can to to stop it but we won't. There's your happy thought for the day.
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