Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why I'm Joining the GOP

I've spent a lot of time second-guessing the president and therefore, by definition, giving aid and comfort to the enemy—both terrorist and Democrat alike. I've made fun of Bush's inability to say "nuclear"; I even laughed when Cheney shot that old guy in the face. It seemed to me like these guys were dragging America down a road to ruin, making a mockery of everything that makes this country great.

Boy, was I dumb!

I've only just realized that the problem all along wasn't the Bush administration; it was me. I just didn't grasp the boldness of the president's vision. It took yesterday's U.S. Court of Appeals decision to jolt me out of my stupor.

The court upheld the Bush administration's decision to abolish habeas corpus and to make it so that no detainee at Guantanamo can challenge his detention in court. To some, that might seem antithetical to American values. Kafkaesque, even.

But George Bush is doing this because he loves us and wants to protect us. On Sept. 20, 2001, he declared that we were attacked by terrorists because "they hate our freedoms." What better way to prevent further attacks than to target this hatred at the source?

By taking away our freedoms, the president has undermined the terrorists' cause and has undoubtedly saved countless American lives. No more freedoms, no more terrorism. Presto! That takes a level of genius and courage that you simply can't find among the charlatans on the other side of the aisle who "respect" the "Constitution" and believe in things like "civil liberties".

And that's why I'm joining the Republican Party. I already see the Romney '08 campaign in a whole new light.
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