Friday, March 09, 2007

The World Turned Upside Down

Backwards, these days, is the new forward. It's usually the provenance of right-wing radio nuts and FOX News anchors, accusing liberals and vegetarians of "hating America". But a new study came out recently with a shocking conclusion: most Americans hate America.

A February USA Today/Gallup poll asked Americans about what kind of person they'd vote into the Oval Office.

The good news is that Catholics, Blacks and Jews all did fairly well, with over 90% of respondents saying they would vote for a qualified member of these groups for president. Women and Hispanics fared slightly worse, with positive ratings in the upper 80s. Still, both groups had negative responses in the double digits.

The wheels really fall off when it comes to Mormons. Fully a quarter of respondents said they would not vote for a qualified Mormon presidential candidate based upon religion. Now, I understand that lots of folks think a religion based on Jesus' road trip to America and predicated on some sacred texts allegedly dug up near Rochester is a bit fruity. Not more so than any other religion, others might say. Regardless, this is supposed to be irrelevant. There is to be no religious litmus test for any government office in the country. Period.

Doing far worse than Mormons but still eking in over the 50% mark are homosexuals. That number was 26% just back in 1978 (they didn't even bother to ask such a preposterous question in 1937, when the poll was originated), which is progress of a sort.

Worse than all the people who chose the wrong god or the wrong skin color; worse than philanderers and septuagenarians; worse even than that John Edwardsian cabal of limp-wristed nancy-boys: the dreaded atheists. 53% of Americans would not vote for a qualified atheist, while only 43% would.

Remember, America was settled by people who believed in religious freedom (including the freedom not to be a certain religion) and our nation was founded as a secular republic where the vagaries of religious difference held no sway in the matters of state. Most Americans today hate that idea and, through the transitive property of my own righteous indignation, they hate America, too. For shame.

More Adventures in Ass-Backwardness: Right wingers blanched a whiter shade of pale this past week as the Walter Reed Army Hospital scandal blossomed into a full-blown shitstorm.

Why? Because the Army was exposed as being objectively anti-troop while the Washington Post reporters who broke the story look like (and in fact are) genuine patriots looking out for the well-being of American soldiers. That's gotta sting.

Just wait until Attorney General Gonzalez is forced to resign in the next week or two...

(The photo ain't what you think, by the way. It's an American flag getting a proper send-off thanks to some elderly members of the American Legion. And you thought it was dirty hippies. Who hates America now?)
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