Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The jerks at the Atlantic Online won't let you read their articles past the first paragraph unless you're a subscriber. Thankfully, it only takes David Samuels that long to dig himself into a hole with his cover story about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Rice ushered me into her study, past portraits of her Cold War heroes, Dean Acheson and George Marshall. Impeccably dressed, in a lemon-meringue-colored wool suit, she settled into a corner of a creamy white settee and pointed me toward a chair.
While I truly feel like a fly on the wall—right there next to the McGeorge Bundy portrait—I can't help but wonder: what does it matter what the secretary of state is wearing, whether meringuesque or otherwise? I mean, if she's sporting a t-shirt that says "Ayatollah Assahola", then I could see bringing it up. Otherwise, what's the purpose other than to draw attention to the fact that she is, yes indeed, a chick?

This isn't the first time such a trend has been noted, either. Back in 2000, the New York Times ran an unbelievably shallow article about Rice that talked about her fashion sense and her dress size as if she was going to accessorize her way to peace in the Middle East.

What I wouldn't give to just once read something like this:
Vice President Cheney glided into the room on a pair of exquisite Gucci loafers, resplendent in size 48 Armani trousers with balloon seat, dusky hues of charcoal blending into basalt among the complex folds of their pleated front.
Now that's journalism!
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