Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds has a little post on how a formerly pro-Osama cleric is now condemning his violent acts against Muslims and others.

Reynolds responds with this pearl of wisdom: "When terrorist violence was a problem for America nobody minded. Now that it's a problem for Arabs...."

How could even a semi-intelligent, half-informed person say such a stupid thing? Has he never heard of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya or, say, Algeria, which had an admittedly easy-to-miss eleven year civil war between the government and Islamist militants that claimed upwards of 200,000 lives?

Violence aimed at the West and America in particular is a relatively recent phenomenon in the history of Islamist terrorism. It's traditional and natural target has always been what Fawaz Gerges calls the "Near Enemy", or the repressive and corrupt regimes of the Arab world. Sadly, terrorist violence has been a "problem for the Arabs" far longer than it's been a problem for America.

Would this kind of fundamental ignorance ever be countenanced in a "respected" commentator on any other subject? Outside of the Giuliani campaign, I mean.
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