Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Joke for the Day

...the right has somehow, and without it being really commented upon, become the chief bulwark of civil liberties in this country, while the left...has become timid and authoritarian.

—Istapundit, 9/12/2001

Bonus Joke:

Someone will propose new "Antiterrorism" legislation. It will be full of things off of bureaucrats' wish lists. They will be things that wouldn't have prevented these attacks even if they had been in place yesterday. Many of them will be civil-liberties disasters. Some of them will actually promote the kind of ill-feeling that breeds terrorism. That's what happened in 1996. Let's not let it happen again.
—Instapundit, 9/11/2001.

Yeah, let's not. Thanks for all your help with that, Glenn.

On a side note, what a traitor-commie-nazi Glenn Reynolds was, calling for restraint even as the wreckage of the WTC burned in lower Manhattan. It's good to see he's picked up his game since then.
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