Friday, November 02, 2007

Vote For Me!

I'm happy to announce that I have inexplicably been named as a finalist for a 2007 Weblog Award. I am competing in the "you get as many hits in a year as Andrew Sullivan gets in 10 minutes" category. The 2007 Weblog AwardsYou may vote for me here. Chicago-style ballot box stuffing is strongly encouraged.

Here are a few "greatest" "hits" from the past year that I invite you to peruse. Please wait until after you cast your ballot, though; I don't want to lose any votes.
  • A Moment of Stupidity, in which the author opines on school prayer. He's against it.
  • Lost in Translation, in which the author meditates on the strange phenomenon of a Turkish politician named Ufuk Uras.
  • Separated at Birth?, in which the author notes some striking and disturbing similarities between Kathy Griffin and Brian Eno circa 1973.
  • 'What's Wrong With Being Sexy?', in which the author uses the words "sexy" and "Don Imus" in the same post without causing a rip in the space/time continuum.
  • A Whiff of Bigotry, in which the author notices that Andrew Sullivan loses control of his critical think faculties when writing about Islam.
  • The Myth of Global Warming in which the author glumly notes that global warming naysayers are trying to run out the clock on our lives for their own personal gain.
  • Atheism Is Not a Religion, in which the author pops an evangelical bubble and chides some militant atheists just for good measure.
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