Thursday, January 10, 2008

George Bush: Hope Peddler

President Bush wants a legacy. A good one, that is.

Hence his little trip to the Middle East where he hopes to unite (not divide) the ornery folks now squatting on land ultimately set aside for the Miraculous Second Coming of Jesus ChristTM—after which, conveniently, all the squatters will be evicted straight to the fires of hell.

In the meantime, G.W. wants to take care of some business. Forgive him if he's unclear on the concept. Yesterday, Bush predicted that the Israelis and Palestinians would sign a peace treaty before he leaves office a year from now.

Nearly in the same breath, however, he conceded that it was unlikely for the problem of Hamas to be solved within that timeframe. How Bush plans to get Israel and Palestine to sign a peace agreement while the Palestinian Authority still has no control over the Gaza Strip—from which Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel—is beyond my meager capacity to understand. Maybe it will be a faith-based initiative.

So we're really faced with three possibilities here: President Bush is a bold leader with innovative ideas about international diplomacy (no), he is a hopeless naïf with an unjustifiable optimism over matters about which he knows little (yes) or he's screwed everything else up so badly that he thinks, "what's a little more garbage on the pile?" (this requires some self-awareness and the admission of error, so, no)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Sound Familiar?

Here's Josh Marshall of TPM talking about the panic and confusion over at the Hillary Clinton campaign as her presidential dreams circle the drain:
I find it difficult to conceive of how unprepared her team was for this not-that-hard-to-predict turn of events.

What it tells me is that they never really planned for this. And they literally have no idea what to do at the clutch moment. For the now they are grasping for anything and everything.
How long until Hillary declares "Mission Accomplished"?

We already have a president with tunnel vision; utterly irresponsible and incapable of contingency planning. Do we really want to go down that path again?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Spam Poetry

Constructed entirely from my spam subject lines:
Exquisite Replica

like others, allows
scalding democratic
skeptically smoking
of quality face time

And itself
As my tide
Find that special someone
Don't be shame
Napoleon enjoyed this,
Stop flossing now!
Happy New Year!
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